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Ready for a genuine surf adventure? Surf world-renowned waves in Hawaii, Indonesia, Fiji, Australia, Maldives and beyond and have an experienced and discreet surf coach to enhance your trip. You’ll be flying to remote locations, jumping off boats into uncrowded waves and improving your surfing in new and exciting locations.

Enhance Your Surfing Vacation

We like to think of it as surf trip enhancement. Go to the locations you've always dreamed of with all of the surf stress taken away. Surf with a coach/guide by your side and benefit from video coaching. This way you can really work on improving your surfing and are able get the best out of any trip.

Anywhere In The World

In the last few years we've co-ordinated private coaching trips to Morocco, France, Indonesia, Maldives, Australia, Peru, Mexico, El Salvador, Portugal, Canary Islands, Costa Rica, Bocas Del Toro, Nicaragua and Fiji.


A true surfing nirvana, Indonesia is an archipelago of islands fringed with coral reefs that are exposed to Indian Ocean swells. Indonesia has changed a lot since the first surfers arrived in the 70s, but it's still possible to find empty, surfing perfection if you're willing get off the beaten track. It has a reputation for heavy surf, but for every hardcore, barreling wave there will always be a fun, user friendly wave around the corner. Season : All year long


Welcome to water world! If you want to experience surfing in an aquarium this is the place; the water is beautiful and teeming with life. A surf boat charter is the best way to navigate the archipelago so you can sit in the channel and surf/watch waves all day long. The Maldives get the back end of the same swells that hit Indonesia, providing amazing quality surf, but without the same grunt. There is so much to do when you're not surfing - with world-class diving, snorkelling and cuisine. Season: April to October


If you want the longest wave of your life, you’re probably going to find it here in Peru. The large southern ocean swells bend and refract their way into sheltered bays along the coast to create perfect, long left-handers, with Chicama being the most famous of these. Peru is a great location to work on cutbacks and generating speed; you’ll need these skills to make that longest wave a reality! Season: March to August


On its day Europe is on par with the best surfing regions in the world. The weather moves quickly in Europe so it's all about surfing when the waves are good and enjoying the endless cultural and gastronomical delights when it's not. The stand-out surfing countries in Europe for trips are Portugal, France and Ireland. They all have a varied coastline open to Atlantic swells with enough nooks and crannies to hide from the ever present wind. Season: Best in September and October.


Beautiful water, incredibly smiley people, and quality surf make Fiji a surfers paradise. With waves ranging from playful to downright terrifying there's something for everyone here. Getting a wave at Cloudbreak is on most surfers’ bucket list and we can help make that happen. With easy flights from LA, Fiji is not as far away as you think. Season: Best March to May and August to Oct

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If you can dream it we can do it!
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