Right Place, Right Time

Time is precious, so why not make sure you’re in the right place at the right time. From May to August, Central America gets good quality, long period south and southwest swells that can light up the whole Pacific coastline.  However, for all the amazing surf this can create, it can also max-out a lot of spots or the local winds can ruin what would be a perfect swell.  Guarantee that you score quality surf by being flexible.

Why Strike Missions?

With a flexible schedule and a desire for adventure, it's easy to score great waves in Central America. After several successful trips in the last few years chasing waves, we know where to find epic surf.

Book a Time Slot, Not a Destination

Rather than booking a trip at a set location you just book a time slot with us (e.g. Aug 10th to 17th) and 48 hours prior to the trip we will make a call, based on forecasts and years of experience, on where would be the optimum location for your surfing level and the conditions we’re given. All you need to do is book your flights. We’ll meet you there and start your coaching in the best location for surf in Central America for that week.

Chasing Waves

During Strike Missions we have nothing else on our minds except getting the highest quality waves possible...and hopefully the best wave of your life! We'll chase swells by boat, private planes and 4x4’s - all with the goal to get you in the right spot when your dream wave comes.

2 Weeks, 5 Flights, 1 Boat

Here’s a little video we put together of a recent trip where over 2 weeks we scored epic waves at Pavones, surfed some fun reefs in Panama and had a 3 day live-aboard boat trip to Ollie's point. Each Strike Mission is planned based on the surf forecasts and our years of experience surfing in Central America.

Bocas Del Toro

The Caribbean coastlines of Costa Rica and Panama have so much more quality surf than what you would expect. When the trade winds are blowing there will be punchy, fun surf in the Bocas Del Toro. Its a great place to try to get comfortable surfing over coral reefs. Bocas is a true melting pot of cultures which creates a unique Island vibe which only adds to the whole surfing experience.

El Salvador

This small Central American country has right points a plenty. If you want to work on manoeuvres and high performance surfing this is an obvious location for coaching. Local light winds also make it possible to get a lot of surfable hours out of each day. El Salvador has very much caught onto surf tourism and although this does mean that it can be hard to get a lineup completely to yourself, it has lead to nice, beachfront accommodation becoming readily available.


Although famous for its offshore winds and beach break barrels, Nicaragua is home to so much more. With a very unique geography that funnels wind from the Caribbean that surf that grooms the surf, Nicaraguan waves are clean and glassy. It's possible to surf all day long here, with open-faced reef breaks, wedges, cobblestone points and, of course, super high quality beach breaks. Nicaragua suits the little more experienced surfer that wants to push themselves in more hollow surf.


One of the most wave-rich countries in the world, Mexico is a big county with a super long Pacific coastline; there are great surf spots from Baja all the way down to Oaxaca. One of the advantages of Mexico is its domestic flight network is excellent and they seem to always put airports close to good waves. Swell size is not always an important factor for Mexico; if the swell is small there are spots that draw in every bit of size available and if the swell is big, there are numerous point breaks that spring into life. Good food, great culture and surf on tap, what's not to like?

Our Coaching Style

We’ve seen only positive results with our coaching style - a unique combination of experience, in-water coaching and video analysis that is constantly adapted to suit your needs.

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