Genuine Surf Experiences

Pureline Surf is best known for providing a surf experience that doesn't feel like a surf camp or school. Although you've hired a professional to guide and coach you, we think it should feel like you're out on a surf trip like any other surfer - just enhanced. We enjoy the adventure of chasing waves up and down the coast, seeking out secret spots and scoring epic waves.

Keeping it Small-Scale

We never want to compromise your coaching experience. By coaching private one on one only, we avoid the restrictions that most surf schools face when coaching too many clients of different levels. We will surf waves suited to your level and we will customize your coaching sessions based on your goals. The focus is completely on you! Pureline Surf is not a large surf school that must book dozens of surfers every day to make a profit. By keeping it small-scale, we keep the quality of our coaching high.

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Respecting the Lineup

We respect the sport of surfing. Coaching one-on-one ensures better and more flexible coaching in a safer environment that is considerate to the overall spirit of the surfing culture. No one wants to surf a crowded wave so we respect the line up and keep our impact low. Our discreet coaching should mean no one knows you're being coached.

Only Good Waves

Pureline Surf will take you to the best break based on the surf forecast and tides. Surf guiding is a huge part of our coaching program. We believe that surfing a variety of waves is important to your progression and overall surfing experience. We will travel as far as we need to in order to score good waves. We'd rather not coach in waves that aren't optimal for progression, so if we can't find good waves, we won't charge you.

Happy Coach = Happy Surfers

We enjoy coaching the most when our surfers are progressing so we do everything we can to make that happen. Your coach is fully focused on you and providing the best surf experience. We will customize each coaching session to help you achieve your goals.

What Your Coach Has to Say...

“I’ve got a lot of respect for surfing. I never want other surfers dreading me and my clients turning up at the beach and ruining the experience. My goal with my coaching programs is to get the most improvement out of every client while being as low key as possible. I want to give my clients a genuine surf experience and gain confidence to surf in a full range of conditions and wave types.”
“I’ve been coaching a long time. I’ve found the coaching I most enjoy is also the most difficult. Most surf schools shy away from the improver/intermediate market as it's a lot more time consuming and yep…less profitable. What gets me up in the morning is knowing that I have the ability and flexibility to give my clients the best possible chance to get better at surfing. If the wind is funky…we can wait, if it's huge everywhere and there’s a hidden gem of a spot 2 hours drive away, lets go!…if they want to learn to get barrelled, let’s spend the next day cleaning sand out our ears!!” - Alex, Surf Coach, Pureline Surf

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Strike Missions, Central America

Guaranteed to Score!
  • Chase Waves Across Central America
  • Book Your Dates and Choose Your Destination Last Minute
  • Surf the Best Waves Based on the Swell Forecast Worldwide
  • Choose a Variety of Locations in the Same Trip

Worldwide Coaching

If you can dream it we can do it!
  • Fulfill Lifelong Dreams
  • Surf World-Class Breaks
  • Experienced Coach to Guide You
  • Surf Anywhere in the World
  • Discreet Coaching During your Holiday