Surfing is a very tiring sport, especially if you have not surfed for a while or if it’s your first time. There is no better feeling than being "surfed out" after a good day of surfing, but to get the most out of your coaching with us try to do at least a few of the below things before your trip.

Go Surfing

Obvious one really, if you're not a complete beginner, the best training for surfing is going surfing (and by far and away the most fun). If you have a board and access to the ocean, go for a paddle even if the surf is not great on the weeks preceding your trip. This will not only improve your paddle fitness but also your wave awareness and timing.


Good surfers are very flexible. Not only does this reduce the chance of injury, it enables you able to recover maneuvers more quickly and turn harder. Stretching is the key - the more flexible you are the longer your surfing life will be. If you are serious about improving your surfing, try a little yoga. I recommend a DVD called "Yoga for Surfers" because (although it is a tad cheesy) its got some great routines that will really help.


Get down to your local pool as much as you can. Swimming offers a good workout for the paddling muscles and a decent all over body work out. . Being a confident swimmer is especially useful for surfing - if you feel calm and at home in the water you’ll be more open to pushing past your limits.

Upper Body

Surfing is particularly taxing on the upper body as we spend most of the time paddling and doing explosive pop ups. If you have not surfed in a while it can be pretty hard to do a full week of coaching.
If you do some or all of these activities before arriving, you will have given yourself the best possible start. When you are mid yoga session or tired after too many press ups try to think about the waves you are going to be energized for!

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