Training Options

Intensive & Half/Full-Day Coaching

In our experience, 2 hours per session is the best amount of time to stay on task and be able to improve without getting exhausted for later sessions. Each half-day session will be approximately 1.5 hours of beach time with half an hour dedicated to video analysis and/or theory lessons. .

Video Analysis

For our intermediate and advanced surfers, video analysis is the most effective method for rapid improvement and is included with your lesson. You will be able to observe your skills with a highly qualified coach who will clearly illustrate how to push past obstacles, improve techniques, and master the cutback of your dreams.

Theory Lessons

Learning new skills and developing new surfing techniques requires plenty of in-water sessions, but you will also benefit from a few of our theory lessons. Surfers will gain an advantage once they discover how waves are formed, the difference between board types, and surfing rights of way (to name a few). Intermediate and Advanced surfers will benefit from video/photo examples and lessons on competition judging. All theory lessons are done at the beach, in a café, or in the comfort of your accommodation.

Surf Clinic

Are you a confident surfer, but struggling with a specific manoeuvre? Don’t have the time to join a week-long progression program? Our Surf Clinics can be booked separately in 2 hours slots. Help identify the underlying issue of a specific weakness with thorough video analysis and be given several techniques and drills to improve and correct the problem. For example, you may have been surfing for years, but you can’t seem to complete a confident re-entry on your backhand. Includes, 1.5 hours of video recorded surfing followed by 30 mins of (beverage assisted) analysis and coaching tips.
*Minimum 2 hours required. Local walk-ins welcome.

Private surf coaching sessions are sometimes best done at dawn in Costa Rica

Surf Guiding

Not interested in coaching? With local knowledge, our qualified guide will take advanced surfers to the best surf locations of the day. Without having to worry about how to navigate the rivers or which road to take, you can sit back and relax as we take you to the best spots. Our qualified guide will be there for safety (reef and surf condition knowledge) and to offer quality banter and all around great company! Read more about surf guiding options…

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