Give the gift of surfing.

The people of the Nosara area are lucky enough to have beautiful beaches and top quality surf on their doorstep, however not everyone is lucky enough to be able to afford the luxury of a surfboard to make the most of the waves. Even if they do the boards are often a bit beaten up and in need of some TLC (new fins, ding repair etc.).

We want to try our best to help and give the kids a chance to share the joy of surfing. They should be able to enjoy the ocean and surfing as we do. We are asking for donations of surfing equipment, mainly surfboards, but would love other gear as well. New or old, whatever condition or size

When you are packing your boards for your trip down here perhaps you could review your gear, do you have any spare boards that you no longer use?  Any extra surf equipment lying around that you could bring with you. Anything would be useful and so happily received by the local children.


Any size or shape would be fantastic.  As the locals are quite slight, boards on the smaller size are great but bigger ones will be used.  Do not worry if they are a bit dinged up, we will fix them before we give them out.  We realize traveling with boards is a pain at the best of times and the oversize baggage limits vary greatly between airlines so here is a breakdown of limits and charges by airline.  On United, for example,  you pay $200 whether you are carrying either one board or four so you might as well slip in one extra if you can.

As above, boards are obviously the top priority, but anything is great, there are several things that are in short supply.


It’s relatively expensive here (compared to local earnings) so wax is always appreciated and every last atom will be used.  Let us know if you have any wax left at the end of your trip here and we will pass it on.


Even your tired one could be far better than what some are dealing with and is obviously an essential given at the same time as we donate boards.


Any size, style or system is great.  They don’t get to choose a fin system when they get a board so one broken fin can be the end of it.  Everybody has those older, plastic G series FCS fins lying around.  Why not give them a new lease of life?

Ding Repair

Ding repair kits do not exist here, most dings are left open and boards soon get waterlogged, some have a good go at fixing boards with standard boat grade fibreglass but it is often too late.  If you have part of a kit left at the end of a trip or you can bring down a new one that would be awesome.

What we do

Along with our local helper Brayan we collect and distribute the gear to whoever most needs it or is in line for an upgrade.

We want to give the gift of surfing, Can you help?