Living between Mexico, France and Fiji, I have the pick of the draw for surf coaches around the the world but I keep coming back to Alex because he is the real deal. Coaching under him it would be impossible to not become a better surfer. I get so much out of each of our surfing trips! He is an amazing coach: while surfing he is so keen to point out exactly what I need to fix, providing all the support via video analysis post-session, support in board selection and having the awareness to choose the surfing spot that fits exactly what we are working on. I have had the pleasure of surfing with Alex for the last 4 years in Indonesia, The Maldives, Mexico, Costa Rica and Peru. I find surfing with Pureline one of the best bespoke coaching experiences on can find.


Mexico, France and Fiji.

My family and I have had surf instruction from Alex off and on for the last 2 years. The Pureline instruction is first rate and has markedly improved my surfing. Alex has real expertise in the mechanics of surf instruction and uses excellent quality video analysis to teach the fine points necessary to increase your surfing level. I have personally made tremendous progress and owe that all to Alex. He is always determined to find the best waves and conditions to suit your level. This often involves fun drives to empty breaks. I am amazed at how patient he is with me and my kids. Its definitely the best surf coaching I have experienced. We can’t wait for our next surf coaching sessions this summer. Thanks Alex. You’re the best!
Dallas, Texas

Living in a landlocked state, I only surf every few months but wanted to improve my surfing beyond just being able to occasionally catch and ride that unbroken wave and to maximize my time in the ocean. My personalized week with Alex was one of the most enjoyable and invaluable surf experiences that I have had. On another surf trip after my sessions with Alex, I noticed my wave selection, navigation, wave count, and surfing down the line on my own improved with less wipeouts. He is a step above many instructors with his effective technical coaching on the water as well as the pre/post surf smoothie sessions analyzing video footage and discussing maneuvers and surf theory. Personality wise, he is fun to be around with a positive and encouraging attitude while remaining professional. This is key if you are with your coach/surf guide extraordinaire for at least 4 hours a day for a week! I look forward to surfing with Alex again and have recommended him to friends who want to improve their surfing.
Tanya, Colorado.

Alex is a very passionate, gifted and patient surf coach. He is fun to be around with and always on time. I was in Nosara in Feb 2014 and he identified several weak points in my surfing skills in no time and worked on them in the water and on the land intensively (including plenty of video analysis). Compared to a lot of weeks of surfing I had done in the last few years in different places, with and without coaching / surf camps, this week of private coaching in Nosara was the far most effective. It brought me to a next level and gave me a lot of inputs. I was very happy with this, after not making too much progress during the last couple of surf trips and kind of being stuck on the same level.
Sebastain, Switzerland

I am married to an advanced surfer and I wanted to close the gap some and take my surfing to the next level. One week with Alex and I progressed more than I had in the entire 9 years since I first started surfing. I came back surfing with confidence and staying on the wave much longer. No more depending on him to tell me which waves were closing out or whether to take off left or right. Alex was extremely patient and his coaching was clear and effective. The video coaching was amazingly helpful. I was with a few girlfriends and we all found Alex to be fun to hang out with and a good sport about some of our craziness. He showed us how to surf in a crowd, but also took us to some hidden, less frequented spots. Best surf week ever. No question, we will be hiring Alex again.

I have been getting surf coaching from Alex in Nosara (Playa Guiones) for the past 3 years. I typically only get to surf once a year, so in order to help maximize the experience of my trips, I make sure I book some sessions with Pureline Surf. Alex has done a great job of assessing my skills (or lack thereof…), and customizing our lesson plans to help meet my goals of becoming a better surfer. He has the ability to either coach you from the beach (recording with HD video), or paddle out along side you. Alex keeps expanding his knowledge of the local breaks, and has the flexibility to hit the water at the best spot for the session. He has always been available for extended post-surf debriefs that are invaluable for reinforcing your strengths, helping to correct your flaws, and advancing your surfing to the next level!
Joe – Solomons, Maryland USA

Alex, Well, I told you that this was my last attempt to be a surfer was this time if I couldn’t do it. Two years ago you got me going and I rode a green wave. This year not only did I ride a green wave but I rode several. Never ever have I encountered a coach that can pick out the smallest of details to make the largest of differences. I have spent time with Olympic athletes and never would have missed a medal if we could have been that precise with those small details. We will be seeing you again and again, promise! Thank you,
Win Park, Kane Park, Colorado

I visited Nosara in January 2014 with the primary intention of improving my surfing, to stop being such Kook in the Atlantic ocean! After magically stumbling on Pureline's website I suspected I found something really different...I did. Far from the usual surf instruction, Alex is truly a coach in the most authentic way! I was thrilled to get the personal attention to my in the water technique and someone to answer specific questions I had about wave formation, what to look for, how to navigate conditions, things to help me move past just standing up.

Alex paid close attention to my goals and helped me not only achieve them but to exceed them. I was surprised and delighted with how quickly and efficiently his coaching allowed me to go from having piss poor timing, getting pummled and much like Zoolander not being able to turn left, to catching green waves, surfing down the line and actually understanding how to manoeuvre in a busy line up. I look forward to how his intuitive expertise will help me continue to develop my skill in seasons to come.

All the best my friend! Leslianna

Thanks a lot for the amazing time Alex. It has been a very memorable experience and beyond expectations. Not only is your coaching world-class and have you helped to further improve my skills, also outside the water you have gone the extra mile to look after Ilse and myself to ensure we had a very enjoyable time in and around Nosara. I will certainly be back for more and would highly recommend your coaching to any intermediate or advanced surfer who would like to further improve or polish his or her skills. Thanks amigo!!
Robin, The Netherlands, May 2014

I, like many people, learned to surf the hard way. Without help, I was fumbling along what appeared to be a long and slow trajectory, rife with bad habits. After a few coaching sessions with Alex my attitude and opinion changed drastically about what was possible for me to achieve on a surf board. Alex's wealth of experience allows him to quickly assess issues and effectively communicate them to you, regardless of what level you currently surf at. His approach can literally take years off of your learning curve. I only wish he lived near my home break. I look forward to working with Alex again soon.
PJ, Nantucket, MA

I met Alex last year for a few lessons and was so stoked about this experience that I came back this year for a more extended coaching. So what is so amazing about him and his lessons?
It is his brillant ability to quickly assess all of my individual skills and needs for improvement and he even found some talent, hidden behind my lack of ocean confidence. So he thoroughly adapted lessons to my personal needs to improve the best, fastest and safest. He kept pushing me to get the best out of me, but was on the spot to help as soon as he saw that I got the slightest trouble. And he watches everything, takes care of mental and technical aspects. I got plenty of encouraging feed back, and every instruction was a key for improvement. Surfing with Alex also provided the best possible wave count, means great conditions to practice new techniques and improve wave reading skills.
Again I had a fantastic time and absolutely recommend his coaching, it's huge fun with sustainable result.
Anette, Hannover, Germany

I have surfed Guiones a number of times and have seen Alex surfing quite often and was often left in awe at the way he surfed. I was speaking to someone regarding their surfing and if it had improved. The person replied "yes" and referred me to Alex and that I should give him a call. Now I didn't know Alex gave lessons, but when I found out he did, I jumped on it and was totally psyched.
Once I reached out to Alex he had me fill out a great, yet quick questionnaire about my surfing skills and where I wanted to improve. The next day he watched/filmed me for an hour and a half, he told me to surf as normal but try to catch as many waves as possible. "Nuf said. Once I was done surfing, and I thought I had a pretty good session for me, we went and did some video analysis. He was very helpful in describing where my surfing could improve and everything he presented in an easy to understand approach. Well proof was in the pudding and after the video analysis I went out for a dawn patrol the next morning. Just applying some of the techniques Alex had mentioned hed me hitting some great turns and landing them whereas I had never done so before. HE DEFINITELY HELPED ME IMPROVE.

Listen to me - if you are considering getting an intermediate, advanced or beginner lesson, I would strongly suggest you hire Alex. He is excellent and if you love surfing and want to improve, hire him, you will not regret it and it is money well spent.
David, New York, NY

Alex, cant believe it is my last surf of my time in Nosara. Thank you so much for everything this week, I have learnt so much and it is all on a continuous roll in my head for when I am in Santa Teresa. I have felt really looked after this week by you, what a great business you have and what a very fun and professional service you offer. Will recommend you to many and for sure book up again when I bring the family back.
Nicky, London, UK

I went out this afternoon because I was really excited to practice. I took off on some rights and am having a completely different experience. I feel like I have a lot more control now and it's actually fun. I am now looking forward to practicing going backside. I was also practicing my tic tac and turns. It wasn't working quite as well but I think I was just tired. On the last wave of the day, however, I caught a perfect left. Pumped some speed,found a section, moved my feet, did a real backside turn into the
whitewater, and turned back out to continue down the wave. The board just came back under my feet on the turn and to my surprise, I still had speed.
It's going to take some practice to get that on a regular basis but I know what it feels like now. Thanks for all the help and fantastic instruction! I feel like I'm over the hump that I had experienced and look forward to getting out there again and practicing.
Best regards,
Peter, San Diego, CA

Alex was professional and brought my surfing on leaps and bounds with carefully chosen advice on technique and being more assertive on the wave. My fiancee also had a great time, she is sporty but petrified of waves, and had a bad experience surfing in the past. Alex managed to build her confidence and offer encouraging words after she had taken a few waves on the head. I was amazed that she continued surfing after some of these episodes; this is testament to his relaxed and positive attitude as well as to read a situation and be firm and encouraging. We ended up extending our surfing days in no small part because of our coach.
All the best
Glenn and Ivona, Zurich, Switzerland

Just wanted to get a quick email off to you while the holiday is still very much on our mind.
Alex, our instructor, absolutely made the trip for us. He is a very talented teacher, has a lovely manner in which he gets his point across in a very positive way. Very good at picking what can improve your surfing that is appropriate to your level of understanding and ability. An absolute delight as a person.
We really can not say enough about Alex's abilities as a coach and his generous nature, sharing his knowledge of a sport he is passionate about.
We had a fantastic time and are very thankful we had Alex as our coach.
Kind Regards
Alan and Pat Kline, NSW, AUS

Alex was terrific. We have had a number of surf guides over the years, but Alex is in a class of his own. He has a remarkable ability to teach and coach. We are all of different abilities but he was able to spot immediately what was needed to get to the next level and knew the right way to communicate that. We really enjoyed surfing with him, and he was a major component of the success of our trip.
Paul, London, UK

When surfing with Alex last year, I realised that I had wasted a lot of time trying to learn how to surf based on high level trips of friends or superficial advice of mediocre surf instructors. Thanks to Alex my surfing has improved more in a few weeks than it has over many years before. However not only does he know how to surf, coach and guide at the highest level but he is also thoroughly enjoyable to be around, regardless of the surf conditions. See you next year!
Christof, London, UK

I really enjoyed working with Pureline Surf. The coaching was top notch and very detail oriented. Prior to our coaching session, Alex inquired about my previous experience and tailored my session around that. On top of verbal instruction, Alex filmed my session from shore, where I periodically went in for a different drill. After our session in the water, we met for coffee and went over the coaching footage with a fine tooth comb, discussing what I was doing right and wrong. This was a great way for me to see my progress as he was able to point everything out on each wave and I was able to see first-hand my progress. The other very cool thing that Alex did prior to entering the water, was to tape some basic pointers on my board at eye level. This was very pro in my opinion as I was able to see these every time I paddled out and was able to remind myself of these tips each and every wave. If you are passionate about learning to surf and want more than the typical “You are standing and lesson goals are accomplished”, check out Pureline Surf. I mention this because we actually inquired about other coaching before I had my session with Alex. I would typically ask if the session included video analysis and the answer was always “no”. Pureline is very professional, passionate about what they do, and most importantly super cool and fun to work with. I had an excellent time working with Alex and left my session with lots of stoke and a huge smile! Pureline stands out from the others and are on top of their game. I will recommend Pureline to any of my friends looking for an amazing coaching experience and will connect with them on our next trip. Keep up the excellent work!!!!!
Bryan, Colorado, USA

I arrived for my time in Nosara somewhere between beginner and intermediate, uncertain as to how much improvement it was realistic to expect over five days. Starting on day one Alex was giving precise instruction that I could translate into big improvements in the water. At the end of the week I was surprising myself with my level of confidence, actively seeking out new challenges. I've tried other surf coaches, but Alex is in a league by himself. He does not dole out generic advice, but rather watches you very closely and provides pinpoint analysis that will allow you to achieve your goals and get better fast. And this is all done with a great sense of humor, too. Thanks, Alex.
John, Encinitas, CA

Thanks so much for the coaching this week. We feel incredibly blessed to have been able to surf with you and cant express how helpful you have been in our development as surfers. You run a first class operation and we cannot wait for a week with you again. Oh, and you you're not to bad to hang out with personally either! he he..
Thanks Again!
Sam, Malibu, CA

Alex, You do indeed rock! I have met many "teachers" over the decades, but I cannot overstate your patience and quality. All the best and I plan to see you again.
Fred, Hueston, TX

Thank you so much for everything! I had a great time this week. My main goal was to feel confident in the water, you made that so incredibly easy. I never imagined that I would be riding overhead waves! You were a pleasure to be around.
Tricia, Malibu, CA

What an amazing coaching! Alex had his eyes on everything I was doing. He made me aware of my strength, and with his encouragement and qualified advice we worked on my weak points. So I could improve my water confidence, wave picking and whole attitude when surfing on the outside. His enthusiastic support made me riding waves in a proper way which I never did before. Awesome feeling, I am still stoked when thinking back. It was the most efficient and holistic improvement of my surf skills I ever had!
Anette from Germany

Alex is an amazing, gifted and passionate surf coach - and a great human being as well. He's personable and professional and he also pushed me hard so that I'd advance beyond my surfing skills and comfort zone. He went over and above what I expected, offering 'before and after' video analysis, spending plenty of time on land discussing maneuvers and technique and answering any and all questions. Alex was always on time for our lessons and was generous with his time and patience. He even repaired dings on my board inflicted by the airline! I highly, highly recommend Alex and Pureline to anyone serious about growing as a surfer and learning new skills.
Suzanne, Santa Monica, CA

Wow! Just wanted to thank you for the most phenomenal holiday. Alex went way beyond what we were expecting and completely made the trip for all of us – he is a truly gifted coach who managed to identify exactly what was needed to push us along the improvement scale, whilst also making sure that every session was pure fun. He really did so much (to the extent of letting me steal his sunblock – thanks Alex!) and nothing was ever too much trouble. He and Laura make a great team and we will miss their good humour and enthusiasm – until the next time!
With best wishes,
Jonathan, Victoria, Tad and Ottie

Thanks so much for making my week so terrific. You got me out beyond the break with your great guidance, confidence, and wonderful sense of humour. I truly appreciate all the time you spent with me out the back. You have given me the confidence and the knowledge I needed.
You’ve a great gift in teaching. Keep up the great work and never lose your ‘Joi-de-vivre’ and sense of humour.
Thanks again and best wishes to you and Laura.
Sharon, Toronto

It was a real pleasure learning to surf from you. Holly and I both greatly appreciated your talent as an instructor, your perpetual encouragement and your excellent sense of humour. It has been an amazing fun week and we will repeat it as soon as the demands of life, work, etc. allow. Hopefully we will be able to work together again in a few months.
John Anthony & Holly, Seattle

Hi Alex,
Cant thank you enough for teaching me how to surf, I love it. You seriously saved me by pulling me out of the water; giving me extra instruction...particularly on attitude. I’ll never forget it.
Thank you so much – loved getting to know you- and have a great holiday!
Christy, Norway

Ill be showing off those pig-dogs thanks to you! Thank you for your help and encouragement.
“angela” and Andrew, New York

Dear Alex and Laura,
Thank you so much for guiding us, teaching us, videoing us, photographing us , surfing with us, encouraging us and making sure our trip was truly sensational. Our surfing has improved enormously and we have had so much fun. Hope to surf with you again sometime!!
Love Steph and Julie, Sydney, Australia

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