Beginners will learn all the primary fundamentals of surf from a highly qualified coach in a private session. At Pureline we aim to give an individualized surfing experience where you can make maximum progress in a supportive and focused teaching environment.  Your personal needs will not be lost in the crowd of a large group. Our experienced coach will help you achieve those beginner dreams and set you up for a future of life in the surf.  Several days will be required to master the basics of surfing.

Level 1 – Just Starting Out

You have never surfed, you don’t know the nose from the tail (don’t worry, this will make sense in time), but you’re eager to learn.

Just Starting Out is a great place to start learning because you will learn all the correct techniques from the beginning. This will be the starting point to get you to your feet and beyond.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Catching White-water Waves
  • Standing up: “Sprinter”, “Knee-Method”, “Pop-Up”
  • Safety: Wiping Out, Tides, Currents, Reef
  • Paddling Technique
  • Foot Placement: Acceleration, Brake
  • Turning the Board
  • Parts of the Board and Other Equipment

Level 1.5 – One Hit Wonder

You took a surf lesson or two on holiday and have a rudimentary idea of how it works. You can pop up in the white-water and stay on your feet to the beach and now you want to get out the back.

This is the next step to becoming a confident surfer. Time to get out of the paddling pool and get out there with the big boys!

What You’ll Learn:

      • Paddling Through Waves – Push Up, Turtle Rolls
      • Safety – Wiping Out, Tides, Currents, Reef
      • Paddling Technique – J Turns, Sit & Spin, Foot Rudder
      • Sitting on the Board
      • Learning Line Up Points
      • Surfing Right of Way
      • Catching Unbroken “Green” Waves
      • Angled Take Offs
      • Trimming



*If it has been a long time since your last surf or if your last surf it not go very well (you only stood up for a few seconds), Level 1 – Just Starting Out is the better place to begin.

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