Strike Missions


Time is precious, so why not make sure you’re in the right place at the right time.

From May to August Central America gets good quality,  long period south and southwest swells that can light up the whole Pacific coastline.  However, for all the amazing surf this can create it can also max out a lot of spots.  Or the local winds can ruin what would be a perfect swell.  Guarantee that you score quality surf by being flexible.

After several successful trips in the last few years of this concept we are now offering a Coaching and Guiding service across Central America, chasing the best possible conditions.

Rather than booking a trip at a set location you just book a time slot with us (e.g. Aug 10th to 17th) and 48 hours prior to the trip we will make a call based on forecasts and years of experience on where would be the optimum location for your surfing level and the conditions we’re given.  All you need to do is book your flights.  We’ll meet you there and start your coaching in the best location for surf in the Americas for that week.

Here’s a video from a recent trip where over 2 weeks we scored epic waves at Pavones, surfed some fun reefs in Panama and had a 3 day live a board boat trip to Ollies point.


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