Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Private surf coaching for individuals or, if you prefer, your small group of friends/family. A private coach is like hiring a personal trainer specifically for surfers. We exclusively offer private coaching which makes Pureline Surf unique as the focus is always 100% on your goals. Half-day (2 hours) or full-day (4 hours) private coaching sessions can be booked individually or in 5, 7, 10, or 14-day intensive courses.

Customized Lessons

Everyone learns in different ways and at different speeds. Because all of our coaching sessions are private, at Pureline Surf we are able to personalize each lesson to suit your individual needs. There is no large group to consider, so we can move as quickly or slowly as you require. You will never have to wait for someone else to catch up or be left behind, each session is all about you.

Flexible Hours

Rather than having fixed times for lessons, we are flexible to the tides and moods of the ocean so we can surf under the best possible conditions. Also, with private sessions we can fit your lessons around your personal schedule – be it family/work commitments or Friday night sessions at the pub. If you’re an early bird, we’ll be up at dawn…if you like to party, noon starts are fine with us. Perfect for busy professionals who have a limited amount of time and want intensive and rewarding coaching.

The empty waves of Ostianal to the northDifferent Locations

We will always aim to maximize your learning curve with experiences at different surf locations. All breaks are different with some that are more appropriate for reaching your goals and better suited towards your ability. Most surf schools run out of one beach regardless of the local surf conditions or the abilities of their surfers, but we will pick you up and take you to the best spot for the day based on the surf forecast and tides. As we only offer private coaching, we are able to change location at your request to find the best and most suitable waves for your level.

Not a Surf School

At Pureline Surf there are no large groups with matching rashies and boards; we only offer discreet, professional private coaching. It’ll just be you and your coach whose sole focus will be achieving your goals through high-end coaching. You will never have to wait for others to keep up, or be left behind if you need extra practice.

Walking to an uncrowded peak during a Pureline Surf coaching road trip

Not a Surf Camp

Pureline private surf coaching appeals to the independent traveler who doesn’t want a surf camp holiday package. Our surfers enjoy the freedom to stay at the accommodation of their choice, the independence to choose the restaurants they eat at, and are not restricted by timetables or the agendas of others. With private coaching you are free to design your own holiday and hire a surf coach for a little as one 2-hour session.

Small Private Groups

We believe improvement is best achieved with private one-on-one lessons, but if you prefer to have the company of a friend or your spouse/family, then a small private group is ideal. You will have a dedicated coach for your small group wilh all the benefits of hiring a private instructor that is fully focused on your group’s progression. Group sessions are priced per person and available only to groups or friends/family that are booking together. Group sessions work better with friends at similar surfing levels. We advise a maximum of 3 surfers per small group in order to benefit from private coaching (contact us if you are a group of 4 or more to discuss other options with us).

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