Why Nosara?

Surrounded by lush forest, dirt roads and jungle tracks, Nosara is known for it’s waves, wildlife, yoga and relaxed vibe. Popular with surfers due to the close proximity to numerous breaks, the beaches around Nosara - Guiones, Garza, Ostional, Camaronal - offer a wide variety of surf options for all levels with consistent surf year-round. There’s also plenty to do when you’re not in the surf - from hikes, zipline tours, yoga classes, restaurants and shopping.

Playa Guiones

Playa Guiones is our local spot and is a beautiful, long beach break that’s unbelievably consistent. We have never seen it drop below waist to chest high! Guiones offers very long, open faced waves and has a forgiving sandy bottom. This wave is ideal for coaching as it always provides opportunity to practice new manoeuvres and techniques with no consequences.

Playa Ostional

The fickle mistress. On its day, probably one of the best beach breaks in the world, our coach Alex lives for this wave and if theres even a chance that it will be good up there he will be making the drive. Ostional is a punchy fast wave thats great for getting confidence in powerful surf and could be home to the best barrel of your life.

Our Coaching Style

We’ve seen only positive results with our coaching style - a unique combination of experience, in-water coaching and video analysis that is constantly adapted to suit your needs.

Playa Garza

Garza is a beautiful bay that has 5 different reef breaks accessible by paddling and by boat. The waves range from long rippable walls to dredgy slabs. Garza gets completely different wind patterns than rest of the coast so timing is of the essence, this keeps the waves uncrowded so the chances of getting the ocean to yourself is high.


Camoronal faces due south into the Pacific so is a true swell magnet. The wave here Is a great mix of power and open faces. The seasonal river mouth at the west end of the beach creates great sand bars that often form a long high performance left.

Costa Rican Surf Trips

We are based in Nosara, Costa Rica, but there's always the opportunity to surf waves further afield. If the swell forecast predicts epic waves up or down the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, we are happy to fly, boat or take a road trip to make the most of it.

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