Getting To Nosara

Playa Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica

Playa Guiones is a small beach town located on the Nicoya Peninsula on the north west Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Playa Guiones and several surrounding beach towns (Playa Pelada, Playa Garza) are often referred to as Nosara due to the close proximity of the small country town of Nosara.

Flying to Costa Rica

There are 2 main international airports in Costa Rica, Liberia and San Jose.


Liberia is the closest international airport to us and is definitely worth considering when booking your flights. It is only a 2 hour drive through some beautiful Costa Rican countryside from Liberia to Nosara.

San Jose

San Jose is Costa Rica’s capital and is close to the geographical centre of the country. It is also home to the biggest international airport in Costa Rica. The drive from San Jose to Nosara is roughly 4.5 hour transfer (flying is also an option that may be worth exploring).

Flying from the US – One of the easiest flights you can do.  There is lots of availability and plenty of flights available.   You may have to make a connection but it should be a short stress free flight.  Look out for flights that connect in Panama City, Panama,  as they can be cheaper.

Flying from Canada – Almost always via the US although there are a few direct flights available.  Again as for the US, look out for flights that connect to Panama City, they can be cheaper.

Flying from Europe – You almost always have to fly via major US hubs like Houston, Dallas, Miami or New York/Newark.  There are a few flights that go direct from Spain to San Jose and also the occasional charter flight does go directly from the UK to Liberia.

Flying from Australasia – Again best bet is via the US west coast then down to Costa Rica.  It can be worth researching flying via South America.

Flying from Asia- There are 3 ways to go Asia > Europe > US (or direct) > Costa Rica or Asia > Dubai > US > Costa Rica or Asia > Japan > US > Costa Rica etc.  There will always be a few connections on this route but see it as an excellent excuse to spend a bit of time in the places you must connect.  You could shop in London, Karaoke in Japan etc.


If you are thinking of taking your own boards with you, it’s worth considering the potential charges for boards.  Prices are incredibly varied between airlines and there is no real standard guide price. For a full list of airline Surfboard transport policies click here.

Getting To Nosara From Liberia/San Jose

The reason why Nosara is home to great wildlife and is not over crowded compared to other beach towns in Costa Rica is that it is in a remote part of the country.  Costa Ricas’ infrastructure is fairly good generally but the road to Nosara is still unpaved.   Don’t panic en route if you turn off the main road onto a dirt road, you are on the right track (no pun intended).  Luckily transfers are easy to organize and there are trustworthy operators.

Car Transfers

There are several firms that specialize in airport transfers for Nosara and transfers may be available with the accommodation you book.   We can arrange airport transfers if you need them, just email us.  If you wish you can also rent a car and drive yourself to Nosara.

Flying from San Jose to Nosara

A great alternative to making the drive from San Jose is to fly to Nosara. It’s a 45-minute flight compared to 4.5-hour drive in a car and the views from the plane are spectacular. We recommend Nature Air or who have flights available daily and the best new twin prop planes. Nosara’s domestic airport has a completely new runway and is only 10 minutes from Playa Guiones. We will happily pick you up from Nosara and take you onto your accommodation.

Playa Guiones Transport

Most things are accessible by foot once you are in Playa Guiones so transport is not always a necessity once you are here.  Guiones has several shops, restaurants, bars, jungle walks and a long sandy beach accessible by foot from most rental villas and hotels. To get a real feel of the place though, we recommend renting an ATV (Quad Bike) or a “Jungle Buggy” (a more comfortable version of an ATV). With an ATV, you can explore nearby towns, beaches, hilltop views and zip through the jungle just like the locals do. You can also rent a car from several locations in town, including Toyota, National and Economy. Car hire is a great option if you’re in a larger group or you’re after a little more comfort. There’s also a few taxi services in town, but we recommend you book in advance as it can be relatively expensive and sometimes unreliable.  Having transport while you are here opens up a few more great restaurant options and can really enhance your Nosara experience.

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