Why Private Surf Coaching?

Olympic athletes, golfers, football players, baseball players and even little league players have a coach. Actors, singers and dancers also have coaches/trainers. Corporate executives have career-counsillors and business coaches/mentors to help them succeed. You can get financial counselling, marriage counselling….and even dating coaches.   The surf world has recently embraced coaching too wth most of the top professional surfers now have their own coach (Even John John).

Why do some surfers think you need to learn on your own and “pay your dues”?

If you’re serious about improving your skills, you need a coach.

All professionals know that in order to succeed you need personalised, private coaching.

Why should I chose private coaching over a surf school or surf camp?

Avoid the crowds of a group; learn at your own pace (without having to wait around for others to catch up or get left behind), focus is 100% on you and your progression
Private coaching is perfect for surfers with busy lifestyles who want intensive coaching to maximize their learning curve.

Where can I stay?

This part is up to you, but we can help advise you on the best options available.  If you wish we can book complete holiday/vacation packages for you, all you have to do is email us. One of the real benefits of not being at a surf camp is you can decide to stay wherever you like, be it backpackers, boutique hotel or gorgeous vacation rental with a private chef. We will pick you up and drop you off to your accommodation before and after sessions so you dont always have to worry about transport.

How long are the surf sessions?

Each half day lesson is 2 hours long. With 1.5 hours spent at the beach and 30 mins dedicated to classroom lessons or video analysis. This is flexible though, if we have a day with great conditions we will spend more time in the water and make up theory at a time when the conditions are not so good. Full day lessons include two 2-hour long sessions for a total of 4 hours.

How many people will be surfing with me?

We specialize in private coaching so if you want it to be just you, it will be just you. We will never put you with strangers or surfers of a different ability. If you’re coming to Costa Rica on your own, then you will book your private coaching for one. If you’re coming with a friend or two, then you’ll be booking a small private group. If the surfers are at different levels, separate sessions will be provided.

What’s included with my lesson?

You will have an experienced and fully qualified private coach, a ride to and from the beach or reef break (if needed), a surfboard that is suited to your requirements (Beginner and low Intermediate only, Advanced surfers are recommended to bring their own boards or we can arrange rental locally). All customized lessons are tailored to your specific needs. Intermediate and Advanced surfers also have daily video analysis sessions included.

How much does private coaching cost per session?

Our prices depend on if you’re booking one half day of coaching, a full day coaching or if you’re booking for 5, 7, 10 or 14 days of coaching (discounts apply to full day bookings of 5 days or more). Coaching is priced per person and also depend on whether your private lessons are one-on-one or with a couple of your friends. Please email us for a quote.

How do I book?

Contact us to request a quote and we’ll take it from there.  50% of the booking cost is required to reserve a booking and  a further 50% is required 30 days before arrival.

What days are you open?

We are open from mid-November until late August.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Your payment will be fully refunded if you advise us a minimum of 30 days before your coaching sessions are due to begin.

Are there any special requirements to learn to surf?

Surfing is done in the water (yep, really), so you must be a confident swimmer and able to tread water. A reasonable level of fitness is also required – for example, you will need to be able to push yourself up from a lying position to standing on a surfboard. There are several things you can do to get yourself “surf fit” before learning to surf, check out our Preparation page.

How is the Surf Clinic different to the Pureline Progression Program?

The Surf Clinic is a 2-hour video analysis session that identifies the root cause of a failed manoeuvre with recommendations of drills and techniques to improve. This is similar to the video analysis sessions that are included with all intermediate and advanced private coaching sessions, but can also be booked separately as a “walk-in” private session for intermediate or advanced surfers.
The Progression Program is a personalized written plan that clearly illustrates strengths and weaknesses with a customized plan for improvement. A minimum of 5 lessons is required for the Progression Plan as it is a comprehensive improvement plan and requires several days to complete.

What kind of boards do you have for me to use?

We have a wide-range of beginner and intermediate boards (listed below). We would recommend that advanced surfers bring their own boards if they are accustomed to a particular size and shape. There is some very well stocked board rental options in Nosara so we can always find boards to suit your specific requirements.
9’2” Soft Board x 3
9’2” NSP x 2
8’6” NSP x 2
8’2” NSP x 1
7’10” NSP
7’6” Santa Cruz
7’3″ 7S Super Fish
6’8” Surftech
6’0″ Retro Fish

What should I bring to my lessons?

It’s nice and warm in Costa Rica so all you’ll need is a rashie and pair of boardshorts. Girls, you can surf in a bikini if you like, but if you’re a beginner we suggest you bring a rashie and boardshorts (ideally past your knee) to avoid any board rash (caused by friction against the board). Don’t forget sunscreen!
If it is difficult to find these items where you are dont worry, all of these items can be found locally.

How do I get there?

See our guide on Getting To Nosara.

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