Costa Rica

There are many great locations in the world for surfing. In fact, one of the best things about surfing is that travelling to exciting new places can be a part of it. In addition to all the great surf, Costa Rica is a very exciting place with vibrant culture, interesting wildlife, and amazing warm weather.

Located in Central America, Costa Rica is bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south, with the Pacific Ocean on the west coast and Caribbean Ocean on the east. It has no army and is a very stable country which is safe to travel in. Costa Ricans are some of the most naturally happy people you will ever meet and they do a great job of making you feel very welcome. It is a “must see” location for many people and once you have been here you will know why.

About The Surf

Due to the consistency of the waves, Nosara in Costa Rica is a particularly great place for surfing. The Guanacaste Province is exposed to swells from the whole of the Pacific Ocean so there is always a canvas for improving your surfing. Playa Guiones is our local spot and is a beautiful, long beach break with consistent waves and a forgiving sandy bottom. This wave is ideal for beginners and advanced surfers alike. With ample white-water waves, beginners will have plenty of space to perfect their new skills. And with peeling waves outback, intermediate and advanced surfers can enthusiastically practice difficult manoeuvres knowing the bottom is safe, sandy and forgiving. Session times will be adjusted to fit the tides most suitable for your ability as Guiones can be very mellow or very hollow within a few hours of tidal movement. Wave height averages range from 3-10 feet. There are some great rarely surfed breaks in the area for more advanced surfers, which we can access by 4×4. Have a look at to see what the surf was doing today.

About The Wildlife

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Everywhere you look, whether you are on land or in the ocean, there is an abundance of wildlife. You will see monkeys, iguanas, and birds in the jungle with turtles, pelicans and stingrays (and occasionally humpback whales!) joining you in the surf.

About The Weather

Warm year-round conditions mean you won’t be restricted by a wetsuit or have to end your surf early because you can no longer feel your hands or feet. During the dry season, November through May, the days are sunny with high and humid temperatures and occasional nightly showers. The winds are generally off-shore in the mornings turning glassy by later afternoon. During December and January the wind is occasionally strong and can last all day long. The wet season, from May to November brings rainy afternoons and cooler temperatures. With September and October being the true wet season, it has been known to rain for days on end resulting in swollen rivers and therefore closed roads as several routes lack bridges and require travel through the rivers. Pureline Surf is closed during September and October.

About Nosara

The quiet town of Nosara is located on the Guanacaste Peninsula on the Pacific coast. Surrounded by lush forest, dirt roads and jungle tracks, Nosara is home to several exotic species of wildlife, including howler monkeys, coatis and iguanas. Popular with surfers due to the close proximity to numerous breaks, Nosara is a laid-back town with a mixed ex-patriot and local community. Nosara is also popular with yoga enthusiasts with several world-class yoga institutes in town – you’ll often witness early morning sun salutations on the beach. There are several great bars, restaurants and quite a few gift shops to keep you entertained when you’re not in the surf. For non-surfing friends and family, there are also many activities available including waterfall walks, zipline tours, massage therapy, yoga classes, and river tours.

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