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We are not a typical surf school; we provide private one-on-one coaching and private group coaching only. If you’ve taken a surf lesson before it may well have been in a large group where the goal was to provide a “surf experience” without any specific focus on you or your surf progression. With private coaching we can focus completely on the goals you want to achieve, whether it’s mastering a bottom turn, perfecting a re-entry, or taking off on your first green wave. We aim to give the best coaching possible in a safe and enjoyable way.

Pureline Surf was designed to exclusively offer customized private coaching as we believe it’s the best way to provide the highest level of coaching possible for surfers of all abilities. Pureline Surf enables the independent traveler to book quality surf coaching that fits their vacation schedule and matches their needs.

“After years of working for other surf schools I realized that teaching big groups and sticking to a rigid schedule and lesson plan wasn’t for me. I wanted the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from really helping people improve their surfing. I believe no two lessons should be the same and I love having the ability to adapt lesson structures and schedules to get the best out of a day of coaching.” Alex, Surf Coach and Owner of Pureline Surf

Swanpool Ltd is the trading name. The company is registered in England, company number 14713045. Registered Office: Swanpool Ltd, 34 Marlborough Avenue, Falmouth, Cornwall UK, TR11 3RJ.



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